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Applied Biostratigraphy FORCE 2015

A two day FORCE seminar will be organized within in the FORCE seminar program. This will be hosted by the NPD in Stavanger May 6-7th 2015. The seminar title will be “APPLIED BIOSTRATIGRAPHY – how to use biostratigraphy to enhance exploration and production activities on the NCS”

This is to be an informal meeting at which presentation related to the use and application of biostratigraphic techniques to the Norwegian Continental Shelf will be given together with discussion and the opportunity to network within the extended biostratigraphy community.

KEY NOTE: Harald Brekke, senior geologist and leader of Norwegian Stratigraphic Committee, will give a talk about recent developments on the Lithostratigraphy on the NCS.

The meeting is open to all and we hope to see presentations/posters and representatives from industry, contractors and academia.

Open call for presentations and posters. Talks should last 20 minutes.

  • Contribution offers by March 1st 2015
  • Abstract deadline: April 15th 2015  (uploading of abstracts: use link at the webpage. Recipient: Mydland, Tone Helene)


Please, see webpage for registration and more information:

RSMNS 2015 featured image

5-8th May 2015, Rabat, Morocco.

The focus of this meeting is the Mediterranean-Atlantic gateway system, both today and in the past and a major aim is to start developing proposals for IODP and/or ICDP drilling that recovers a complete record of Miocene Mediterranean-Atlantic exchange. The meeting includes a half day fieldtrip to classic exposures of Morocco’s Miocene Mediterranean-Atlantic gateway sediments. Contributions from scientists working on all aspects of marine gateways, both modern and ancient are most welcome. Read more


The Spring Meeting will be held at Plymouth University, with lectures and posters on the 15/16 June, a field trip on the 17th June and a seminar or workshop on the 18th June. A call for contributions will be made early in 2015. Read more


UPCOMING DINO11th in Bordeaux, France

The upcoming Dino11th meeting will be held in Bordeaux in 2017. After Tübingen, Egham, Zeist, Trondheim, and Liverpool, this town will thus be the 6th European metropolis (since 1978) to welcome dinoflagellate specialists from both the modern and fossil realms. Apart from its famous vineyards, Bordeaux is a strategic paleo(environmental) center with rapid access to internationally referenced geological sites (Aquitanian and Burdigalian stratotypes, Campanian/Maastrichtian GSSP, K/T boundary, Quercy phosphorites, dinosaur tracks), and to aquatic ecosystems of exceptional interest (Bay of Arcachon, Gironde estuary, Bay of Biscay, Aquitain lakes…)

Collegially co-opted by the french “Dinos” community (see involved people below), and with the support of the APLF (Association des palynologues de langue francais), the host will be the EPOC laboratory from Bordeaux University. This lab ( mixes micropaleontological and biological approaches to study modern and past environment evolution throughout times.

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TMS AGM 2014: “Microfossil phylogenies and their applications”

Wednesday 19th – Thursday 20th of November 2014, Oxford, UK

Sponsored by:

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Abstract book is available here:

Keep up to date with conference news by following @MicropalaeoSocand on twitter, and use #TMS2014 for updates during the event! Alternatively join the TMSoc Facebook page

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