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The only requirements to advertise a position via this service are that the role is related, at least in part, to micropalaeontology and that industrial advertisers agree to pay 50GBP per listing. Postings are free for academic and charitable sector advertisers. To post an advertisement, please contact the TMS secretary with a brief summary of the position details and a web-link for more information.

Current academic/charitable advertisements

 PhD FULLY FUNDED “Early Paleozoic radiolarian evolution”

This FULLY FUNDED PHD was recently been awarded Australian Research Council Discovery Project funding to investigate: Early Paleozoic radiolarian evolution. As part of the research a PhD student and/or Post Doc will work on this project and have the funding to support them.

The project will apply a new transformative technology; X-ray micro computed tomography (3D micro-CT) to the study of Early Palaeozoic (530-300 million year old) radiolarian microfossils. This will for the first time allow non-destructive examination to elucidate the internal skeletal architecture of these fossils that is critical to understanding their evolution. Computer reconstruction of 3D images will reveal details upon which an understanding of early phylogenetic relationships within this phylum can be developed. This in turn will allow realization of the full biostratigraphic potential of this important long-ranging group of marine protozoans that commonly occur in great abundance in deep marine sedimentary rocks.

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 PhD “Ocean ecosystem modelling in a 400ppm world: reconstructing and modelling seasonality signals during the mid-Pliocene Warm Period”

PhD opportunity at the University of Leeds.

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PhD “Ostracod-based reconstructions of North Atlantic deep-water environments”

PhD opportunity at the University of Birmingham, 2015 start.

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Funded places on Birmingham MSc course.

A fully-funded studentship will be available for the coming academic year on the MSc in Applied and Petroleum Micropalaeontology at the University of Birmingham in just the second year of running. One studentship, which covers fees and contribution towards living expenses, is funded by BP and is open to UK and EU students. More details will appear on the course homepage in the coming weeks.

RPS have agreed to provide one Fees scholarship for a UK/EU student for the coming academic session. We will post further details of application processes and deadlines on the University webpage in the next couple of weeks.

Many thanks to BP and RPS for supporting the course.

Don’t forget – additional funding support is available for members of the PESGB and TMS who hold offers for the course.

Current industrial advertisements

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