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The Micropalaeontological Society (TMS) exists "to advance the education of the public in the study of Micropalaeontology" and is operated "exclusively for scientific and educational purposes and not for profit". It was initiated as The British Micropalaeontological Group (BMG) in 1970, following a proposal by Professor Leslie Moore of the University of Sheffield and several colleagues who wished to organise a group of palaeontologists with a mutual interest in the micropalaeontological study of British type sections and the provision of a forum for the communication of their results.

John Gregory, TMS president
John Gregory, current TMS president

Under the guidance of Dr. Bob Cummings the group became the British Micropalaeontological Society (BMS) in 1975 during a period of rapid expansion and the development of the science, particularly its use in hydrocarbon exploration. The Society has always been protective of its independence from other academic bodies, but welcomes opportunities to collaborate with like minded organisations.

The geographical development of micropalaeontology resulted in a growth in the international membership of the society, such that the name was changed to The Micropalaeontological Society in 2001. It is a registered charity (No. 284013). The Society publishes The Journal of Micropalaeontology and a series of Special Publications. The BMS published A Stereo-Atlas of Ostracod Shells from 1973 to 1999. The series has now ceased production.

The Society comprises six specialist groups which study Foraminifera, Microvertebrates, Nannofossils, Ostracods, Palynology and Silicofossils. Membership of these is open and by personal choice. The groups hold separate meetings, including field trips, throughout the year; these are becoming progressively more international in their scope. The Society holds its AGM in London during November each year to which guest speakers are invited.

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