Annual General Meeting 2005

16 November 2005
J. Z. Young Lecture Theatre, University College, London

This year (2005) the AGM included invited speakers from each of the specialist groups and a lecture by the recipient of the Charles Downie Award.

  • Charles Wellman (Sheffield): Dispersed spores as evidence for the origin and early evolution of land plant
  • David Siveter (Leicester): The microfossils and other biota of the Silurian Herefordshire Lagerstätte
  • Ivan Sansom (Birmingham): Fishing in the Ordovician – microvertebrates and macroevolution
  • Haydon Bailey and Liam Gallagher (Network Stratigraphic Consulting): Coccoliths and other microfossils in forensic palaeontology
  • Rainer Gersonde (AWI, Bremerhaven): Diatoms as indicators of Pleistocene development of the Southern Ocean
  • Kate Darling (Edinburgh): Genetics of planktonic foraminifera
  • Daniela Schmidt (Bristol): Abiotic Forcing of Plankton Evolution in the Cenozoic (Charles Downie Award)

Honorary Membership was confered on Prof John Murray and following the lectures, members of the Society were invited to a wine reception in the South Cloisters, generously sponsored by PetroStrat Ltd.