The Micropalaeontological Society

Annual General Meeting 2005

16 November 2005
J. Z. Young Lecture Theatre, University College, London

This year (2005) the AGM included invited speakers from each of the specialist groups and a lecture by the recipient of the Charles Downie Award.

  • Charles Wellman (Sheffield): Dispersed spores as evidence for the origin and early evolution of land plant
  • David Siveter (Leicester): The microfossils and other biota of the Silurian Herefordshire Lagerstätte
  • Ivan Sansom (Birmingham): Fishing in the Ordovician – microvertebrates and macroevolution
  • Haydon Bailey and Liam Gallagher (Network Stratigraphic Consulting): Coccoliths and other microfossils in forensic palaeontology
  • Rainer Gersonde (AWI, Bremerhaven): Diatoms as indicators of Pleistocene development of the Southern Ocean
  • Kate Darling (Edinburgh): Genetics of planktonic foraminifera
  • Daniela Schmidt (Bristol): Abiotic Forcing of Plankton Evolution in the Cenozoic (Charles Downie Award)

Honorary Membership was confered on Prof John Murray and following the lectures, members of the Society were invited to a wine reception in the South Cloisters, generously sponsored by PetroStrat Ltd.