Annual General Meeting 2008

Microfossils and Extinction

19th November, 2008, 1.15pm
J. Z. Young Lecture Theatre, University College London

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Nils Chr. Stenseth & Lee Hsiang Liow – Macroecological and macroevolutionary dynamics of marine plankton inferred through microfossils

Guy Harrington – Paratropical floral extinction in the Late Palaeocene-Early Eocene

Paul Bown – The roller-coaster ride of Paleogene coccolithophore evolution: from mass extinction to peak diversity and back!

Helen Coxall – Forams and extinction: forces and feedbacks in marine ecosystems

Alan Lord & Ian Boomer – The extinction of the Metacopina – a major event in ostracod history

Sabrina Renaud & Catherine Girard – Conodont strategies facing environmental perturbations leading to mass extinction

Presentation of TMS Brady Medal to Professor Katharina von Salis. Presented by Professor Michal Kucera.

Presentation of Charles Downie Award 2008 to Dr Kirsty M. Edgar

Following the lectures, members of the Society were invited to a wine reception in the North Cloister, generously sponsored by PetroStrat Ltd