The Micropalaeontological Society

9th International Chrysophyte Meeting, Yamagata, Japan

September 11, 2016 – September 15, 2016 all-day

“In addition to chrysophytes and synurophytes, we would like to invite researchers from around the world to present their research on other algal groups that
have been included previously in the Chrysophyceae sensu lato. These so-called ‘splinter groups’ include the pedinellids, silicoflagellates, pelagophytes, pingui-
ophytes and rhizochromulinids (which all belong to the Hypogyristea), but we are also interested to hear about the Parmales, siliceous haptophytes (Hyalolithus/
Prymnesium), and enigmatic siliceous algae or microfossils such as Meringosphaera, Macrora and Petasaria.”