The Micropalaeontological Society

TMS Sponsored Meetings

TMS is involved in organising a variety of meetings. The AGM of the society is held each Autumn and the society participates in organising a range of events and meetings with other palaeontological organisations. The constituent specialist groups of TMS also organise their own meetings, generally involving (but not limited to) an annual event in the Spring/Summer. Links to the pages for each of these groups of events can be found in the top menu.


One of the main aims of The Micropalaeontological Society is to raise awareness of, broaden access to, and promote education in micropalaeontology.  One method of achieving this aim is by sponsoring scientific meetings on micropalaeontological topics.  To this end, TMS supports meetings run by its own Specialist Groups and co-convenes meetings with other learned societies.  Further to this, TMS sponsors other non-TMS scientific meetings with micropalaeontological themes or content, as well as specialist symposia at large conferences (e.g. EGU, IPC) organised by a TMS member.  Meetings where TMS is a co-convenor will be dealt with on an individual basis; this policy covers Specialist Group activities and other scientific meetings or symposia where TMS is not a co-convenor.  Meeting or session organisers applying for support would normally be TMS members and the obtained funds can be used for activities such as inviting keynote speakers, sponsoring special sessions, awarding prizes for postgraduate student or early career researcher talks and posters (certificate template available below), or sponsoring postgraduate student attendance.

Support of TMS Specialist Group or topical meetings

Running Specialist Group meetings, fieldtrips, etc., is a core activity of TMS and a priority use of our funds, hence we are flexible in how organisers use TMS support.  For example, organisers of smaller events can use TMS support to meet costs of organising such events and avoid the need for registration fees.  In other cases TMS support can be used as a safety net, to allow low registration costs, with TMS support covering the organisers from the risk of making a loss.  If registration fees are charged for a TMS meeting we strongly encourage organisers to charge a reduced rate to TMS members.  For larger meetings, the organisers are encouraged to find additional sponsorship from other bodies. For TMS group meetings the website editor and treasurer can also arrange online payment and collection of registration fees

Sponsorship of meetings where TMS is not a co-convenor

In return for sponsorship, TMS would like the TMS logo to be displayed on the meeting website (file available below) and printed in the abstract volume, in a manner consistent with other sponsoring bodies.  We also ask for advertising space at the meeting to publicise TMS and a member of TMS Committee would typically attend the meeting and bring publicity materials at our expense.  Finally, we would like to receive a report of the meeting for the Newsletter of Micropalaeontology (please liaise with the Newsletter Editor).

Rates for Sponsorship

TMS Specialist Group and topical meetings        up to £500
Meetings where TMS is not a co-convenor        typically £200-500

Application Procedure

1.    TMS Specialist Group meetings and topical meetings of a similar extent will be supported for reasonable costs up to £500.  The organisers should keep the TMS committee informed on planning of such meetings but do not need to make formal application for funding.  The organisers should arrange with the Treasurer payment of support and documentation of expenses incurred.

2.    Organisers of meetings where TMS is not a co-convenor, or micropaleontology-related symposia within larger meetings, seeking sponsorship should apply to the Secretary and Treasurer via email or letter, stating the name of the meeting, the themes, and the intended use of TMS sponsorship monies.  Applications are discussed and approved at TMS Committee meetings so applications should be submitted to the Secretary by the end of February, end of June or end of October each year.  Decisions would normally be communicated immediately following Committee meetings in March, August and November.

Lyell meetings

TMS collaborates, via the Joint Council for Palaeontology, with the Geological Society of London, the Palaeontological Association and the Palaeontographical Society to organise the annual Lyell Meetings. The themes of these are different each year, but the overall concept is to highlight the role of palaeontology in the earth sciences.