FORAMS 2018, 23rd-24 June 2018, Edinburgh & St Andrews

[infopane color=”9″ icon=”0086.png”]There is also a 1 day conference on the 22nd June, for Foram-Nanno-2108. Registration deadline, 18th May. More details here.[/infopane]

Reconstructing past ocean environments with foraminifera

Conveners: Lyndsey Fox, Kirsty Edgar, Martin Langer

FORAMS 2018, which will take place in Edinburgh (symposium) and St Andrews (workshops) in June 2018.

Foraminifera are extremely useful to academic and industrial micropaleontology as proxies for palaeoenvironmental, palaeoceanographic and palaeoclimatic research. Their abundance, presence in virtually all marine environments, and sensitivity to environmental alterations make them ideal recorders of past oceans and climate change. In this session we invite contributions (posters and talks) from micropalaeontologists working on fossil foraminiferal communities to highlight their use as tracers and to reconstruct environments of the past.

Full details and registration available on the Official Website