From Microscopic to Macroscopic: Climate Variation Through Time as Viewed Through the Lens of the Diatoms

UCL on Thursday 8th May at 17:00 pm talk by Sheri Fritz (University of Nebraska, USA)

“Much of my career has been spent inferring past climate variation from lacustrine diatom records – a trajectory set in motion when I got to know Rick Battarbee during his sabbatical year at University of Minnesota in the 1980s. In this presentation, I will discuss insights on climate variation and associated landscape evolution developed from lacustrine diatom records in a variety of geographic settings. In doing so, I will focus on the biology and ecology of the central actor in these studies – the diatoms – and how they respond to both the direct and indirect influences of climate.”

Sheri Fritz is the George Holmes University Professor at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in the US and has appointments in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and the School of Biological Sciences.  Her research interests are in long-term environmental change, particularly using the fossil record to reconstruct landscape evolution and natural patterns of climate variation.  She currently has major research projects in the Great Plains and northern Rocky Mountains of the US, in the tropical Andes and Amazon Basin of South America, and in Southeast Asia.

The talk is to be held at UCL on Thursday 8th May (17:00 pm). Attendance is free, and there will be wine and nibbles provided afterwards.

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