Graduate Funding opportunities with the INA Foundation

On behalf of the Executive Director of the INA Foundation, we are pleased to announce that the Katharina von Salis Graduate Research Fellowship and the new graduate scheme, Okada-McIntyre Graduate Research Fellowship are welcoming applications for 2023!

The Katharina von Salis Fellowship honours Katharina Perch-Nielsen von Salis, one of the world’s leading authorities on fossil nannoplankton and founder of the International Nannoplankton Association (INA). The Fellowship is on any aspect of fossil nannoplankton research, and the 2023 program will award one grant of $2500.00 USD and one grant of $1000.00 USD.

The Okada-McIntyre Graduate Research Fellowship honors Prof. Dr. Hisatake Okada and Prof. Dr. Andrew McIntyre for their pioneering work in the field of extant/recent nannoplankton research. The Fellowship is on any aspect of modern/recent calcareous nannoplankton ecological dynamics, including seawater, sediment trap, and seafloor sediment records, as well as from laboratory culture experiments dealing with any morphological, genetic, biogeochemical, and/or ecological aspects of coccolithophore species. For 2023, the Okada-McIntyre program will award one grant of $2500.00 USD and one grant of $1000.00 USD. 

The INA Foundation invites applications from INA members who are graduate students for the 2023 school year. All information for the two Fellowships, and application guidelines, can be found below at this link.

The application deadline for the two Fellowship schemes is July 1, 2023. Please email your application material and any questions to Michael Styzen.