Silicofossil Group Report Spring 2005

Recently we’ve been updating the Silicofossil Group webpages to include news, a gallery of colourful diatom images and weblinks to the best and most useful silicofossil webpages out there. Our aim is to provide you with the ‘first port of call’ for your silicofossil-websearches whether you are looking for information about Radiolarians or for diatoms -marine and/or freshwater (other silicofossils coming shortly). Our compilation of weblinks is accompanied by a short description of the site.

We selected to advertise certain webpages for their relevance, usefulness and how recently or frequently they are updated. Although we spent some time choosing particular sites, it is always possible we overlooked your favourite site. Please take a moment to browse our website. If you know of other silicofossil sites which you think should be on our list of weblinks, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The success of the site depends largely on the feedback you give us. Our aim is to limit the main list of weblinks to only those sites which provide more detailed information on a subject or a service. However, we intend to start a longer list of weblinks to individual projects, news items and meetings. If you want to advertise your projects and meetings on our site please contact us and we’ll be happy to do so.

Catherine Stickley
Ivo Grigorov