Spring Meeting 2005

The meeting was held on Wednesday 18 May 2005, in the Palaeontology Demonstration Room, The Natural History Museum.


Welcome and Introductions – Dr Ian Slipper (Chair, Ostracod Group).

  Housekeeping notices – Dr John Whittaker (Local Secretary).
13.35 The Natural History Museum Ostracod Collections – Dr Giles Miller (NHM)
14.00 The myodocope Entomozoe from the Silurian of the Russian Arctic – Professor David Siveter (Leicester)
14.25 Ostracod shell chemistry and the West Sussex raised beaches – Dr Jonathan Holmes (UCL)
14.50 What are Ostracoda? A cladistic analysis of the extant superfamilies of the subclasses Myodocopa and Podocopa – Dr Dave Horne (Queen Mary, London) with Isa Schoen, Robin Smith and Koen Martens
15.15 Tea
15.45 Musings on the Aral, Caspian and Black Sea ostracods – Dr Ian Boomer (Newcastle)
16.10 Biogeography and phylogeography of non-marine Ostracoda – Dr Dave Horne (Queen Mary, London) with Isa Schoen and Koen Martens

Demonstration of Plates for the Second Edition of ‘A stratigraphical Index of British Ostracoda’ – Dr John Whittaker (NHM)

16.50 Short Business Meeting
17.00 Close