Spring Meeting 2006

19-21 May 2006, Drongen, Ghent, Belgium

A highly successful Spring Meeting was held in Drongen Abbey, near Ghent, excellently organised by Koen Martens and Isa Schoen (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences), where the following talks were presented.

Carys Bennett (Leicester) Ostracods from the Midland Valley of Scotland: colonisation of the non-marine realm in the Lower Carboniferous
Ian Boomer (Birmingham) et al. Late Quaternary ostracod fauna and stable-isotope record from the Caspian Sea
Patrick De Deckker (Canberra) Comparison between laser ablation ICP-MS and microprobe analyses of ostracod valves calls for caution on standard analyses of valves through solution chemistry
Dave Horne (Queen Mary, London) ‘Why are darwinuloid males like London buses?
David Siveter (Leicester) ‘The Cambrian Fossils of Chengjiang, China: the flowering of early animal life’
Ian Slipper (Greenwich) The life and times of William Harris of Charing
John Whittaker (NHM, London) Some new and imperfectly known Pleistocene ostracods from the UK

After the talks a short business meeting was held:

General notices:
1. John Whittaker was ‘elected’ as successor to Alan Lord as OG Secretary from the AGM in November 2006.
2. The next meeting is expected to be in Birmingham in October, details to follow.
3. John Whittaker and Alan Lord were presented with engraved glass goblets and a bottle of fine french wine with which to test them with! They received these awards in recognition of their outstanding contributions to ostracod research and to the Ostracod Group.