The Micropalaeontological Society

TMS Small Research Grant

TMS offers a single grant of up to £1500 each year to support micropalaeontological research by students or researchers of the Society. This grant is aimed to support stand-alone research projects and funds can be used to assist with any costs associated with the work, e.g., analytical costs, visits to museums, fieldwork, etc. This grant is open to any TMS member but if funding relates to a funded Ph.D. or Master’s project then a case must be made as to why funding is required above that already available and a letter of support must be provided by one of your advisors. This award cannot be used to support conference or workshop attendance (please see Grants-in-aid

Application for the small grant involves completing the attached application form and providing a max. 2-page CV (preferably combined as a single document). The deadline each year is the 31st October and completed application forms and CV’s should be submitted to the TMS secretary ( Society officers will evaluate the applications and notify the successful candidate following the TMS AGM held in November. The first award was made in Nov. 2017. Funding cannot be made retrospectively. Proposals will be ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Fit to the Society
  • Quality and novelty of proposed work
  • Feasibility within the budget and time allotted
  • Applicants track record

Successful applicants are required to submit a brief project summary (max. 100 words) suitable for a non-specialist when the award is announced (for the website and TMS newsletter), and within two years of the award date a report on the outcomes of the project for TMS Newsletter. Receipt of the award must be acknowledged in any resulting published work.

Further enquiries about the scheme can be made to the TMS secretary (