SURVEY: Marine Micropalaeontogical Data Requirements

Anne Strack, Lukas Jonkers and Michal Kucera at MARUM Center for Marine Environmental Sciences and Robert Huber at PANGAEA – the data publisher for Earth and Environmental Science are conducting a survey to assess what we as a community deem necessary to increase the interoperability and reusability of marine microfossil assemblage data. The product will be a checklist of (meta)data requirements that can be used by data generators when making their data (publicly) available. At the same time, this checklist can be used by data repositories and data stewards to assess if datasets align with community standards.

This is primarily so we can make better use of such data and large synthesis efforts like TRITON become easier. The aim is the use the results of the survey as the basis for a short paper that can be used by people sharing data, editors and data repositories. 

Please find the survey here – it only takes a few minutes!

You can get in touch with Lukas Jonkers if you have questions about this survey or about the project.